Legend of the Lone Warrior

Well here goes …. my first blog post EVER.

Jude’s Passions is hopefully going to be an eclectic mix of … yes you’ve guessed  it … the stuff n things I’m passionate about! Words, Food, Crafts, Upcycling, Reefing, Sustainable Living to name a few of my passions I hope to share!  So to get me started I thought I’d share with you a poem I penned a few years back now.

It was originally written for a friend who was in a dark negative place. I hope you like it.

Legend of the Lone Warrior

She guards the lone warrior as he sleeps.
The memories of past trails furrow his brow,
She strokes his cheek with a kiss
And dreams of future trails soothe him.
He awakes, standing proud,
Aware his soul is purified.

His heart brave, his mind clear.
She smiles, waiting,
As reborn he begins his true life’s trail.
The  lone warrior hesitates, unsure,
The mist of past trails claw at him.
Her touch dispels the mist.

With each step forward he grows strong.
Laughter fills him and he runs and runs.
The sunrise on the horizon,
Points towards his path,
The trail clear, his feet take flight.
She smiles,
His new life free has begun.

His laughter touched her across the miles of plain.
The sun sets.
The Lone Warrior stands and watches the Horizon
Waiting, wanting.
His fire lit, the warrior prepares his camp for company.
The lone warrior tends his fire.
His blue eyes stare into the flames
Dancing with scenes of future trails.

He is aware of her presence,
She kneels and bows.
The lone warrior kneels before her
And rests his head on her bowed, curved back.
He whispers “Thank you for my new life”.
They embrace, as one their life forces entwine.

As they embrace,
The camp fire flames dance.
She whispers a name and summons him,
From beyond the flames.

She welcomes him, Her friend.
A white stallion enters the camp.
The steed nuzzles her, as she strokes his flowing mane.
They are old friends,
Many perilous trails link them beyond all earthly ties.

The charger and the warrior bow.
She presents man to horse.
Each appreciates the significance of the initiation,
As a new fellowship is created.
She speaks to her friend, who nods in accord.
The future trails of stallion and warrior are now as one path.

As a new day emerges on the horizon
The warrior breaks his encampment.
No trace of their night remains.
The memories of the night shared under the stars,                                                                         Gives the warrior strength to follow his new trail.
He mounts the stallion and they ride the path of the sun.

Their path is sure.
Warrior and companion are swift,
Traceless as the wind.
An eagle soars in the sky above the path of the warrior,
His sacred guardian.

As the sun shines her light beyond the horizon
Our warrior makes camp with his companions.
His path has been foretold by the tongues of his ancestors.
The courage of the warrior will be told
Beyond the firesides of the Indian nations,
Whispered across the lands beyond the mystic oceans.




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