Toxic Love

It’s cold, harsh, painful, brutally truthful and beautifully heart wrenching” (a sister & friend).

Toxic Love

You will never know how much I Love You

You, dragged me into habitual drinking, dominant toxic love
Will, leech financially, emotionally, psychologically, possessive toxic love
Never, recognise honesty, nobility, appreciate integrity, influential toxic love
Know, your many entangled lovers, cheating toxic love
How, intense the constant deceitfulness, pernicious toxic love
Much, my love forbidden, concealed, secret toxic love
I, finally woke up to your insidiousness, cunning toxic love
Love, exploited utterly, distinguished explicitly, guileful toxic love
You, the shackles cut, I cast off decisively, destructive toxic love

You will never know how much I loved you”, goodbye  Toxic Love


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