Trying to learn something of everything, and everything of something (Thomas Huxley).

Something of me ….. I embrace my passions….

My love of foraging wild foods, home grown and gourmet cookery.


My enthusiasm for marine reefing and culturing live foods (phytoplankton, copepods & artemia) for the reef tank inhabitants.



My enjoyment of creation …. of arts & crafts or up cycling and writing.


My pleasure cultivating my wildlife ponds and garden.


Last but by no means least, my family & friends, many of whom would tell you I’m brutally honest. I’m perceptive, earthy and on occasions very stubborn.

Blessed with good humour and geniality, I love to entertain and hope you will find my blog musings enjoyable. So if you do feel free to share my blog with your friends and of course follow me to get new posts straight to your email.


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