Culturing Copepods (Tigriopis Californicus) DIY Culture Vessel

I wanted to build a second copepod culture vessel, so her’s my step by step instructions on how to DIY your own copepod culture vessel.


Bleached Anemone Rescue

If you are a reef hobbyist with a bleached anemone, perhaps my experience rescuing a Macrodactyla doreensis will help or offer you hope that all is not necessarily lost.

Culturing Copepods (Tigriopis Californicus)

I have been culturing Harpacticoids copepods (Tigriopus Californicus) for nearly three years now. My “how to” post for culturing copepods


Culturing Phytoplankton or green water (Nannochloropsis)

Culturing phytoplankton to feed your reef tank & copepods … here’s how I do it